We are delighted to introduce Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi MUN's international Secretariat.

These are our stories, our passions and what motivates us to work to make sure this project thrives.


Maria celeste

Deputy Secretary General

Maria is currently in the final year of her Law Bachelors at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She joined PSUADMUN in 2015 and attended LIMUN for the past two years. 

Last year, she helped organise the very first PSUADMUN conference, and is very excited to be a part of the second one as well, as Deputy Secretary General.

Maria comes from a multicultural family. She speaks over 5 languages and adores travelling, a passion she earned from living in many countries around the world. Maria is interested in international relations, which is one of the reasons she joined MUN. She believes that MUN is essential for opening our minds to the ever changing political and diplomatic world around us. She cannot wait to meet all the delegates in March!

Youssef khaliL

Secretary General

Youssef, born in Cairo, is an International Law and Political Sciences student at the Paris-Sorbonne University. Youssef's MUN journey started when he was only 13 at DIAMUN'12 and he has been to 14 other conferences since then. He fell in love with MUN ever since he first began and has filled different roles in different committees such as chairing, defending cases as an attorney and judging at ICJ and also as the Founder and Secretary General of his high school's MUN Club. He is very excited about his new role as Secretary General of PSUADMUN. 

Youssef is most interested in international relations, politics, diplomacy, psychology and last but definitely not least, gaming. Oh, and food. 


Haneen Ghali

Chief of Staff to the Secretary General

Haneen Ghali is in her final year of studying Law at Paris- Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi. Haneen's interest in diplomatic action was sparked as a result of living through the first few years of the Conflict in Syria. Having interned this last summer at IRENA headquarters she has developed a deep understanding of intergovernmental work as well as the structural and organisational aspects of international organisations.  She has also served as Sorbonne Debating Society president for two years, where she took part in starting conversations on campus about Feminism, religion, and ethics. 

She has been an active member of Sorbonne MUN since 2015, last year she participated in LIMUN 2017 and was part of the SIADMUN 2017 Secretariat as Chief of Staff. 

Joukanda 1 (round).png

Joukanda Eid

Under Secretary General Media

Joukanda is a Syrian third year law student in Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. Even though she was born and has been raised in Abu Dhabi, she was living in Syria during the first stages of the conflict, which has influenced her interest in politics and international relations. She has also benefited from the multicultural environment in the UAE in order to learn about different cultures and mindsets. These factors made her open minded and encouraged her to join the MUN club in her university, where she became a member of the secretariat and participated in the making of Sorbonne’s very first MUN conference.
Joukanda has recently participated in CWMUN 2017 with Maria as a double delegation, who also happens to be her partner in Call of Duty Zombies.
She is also a graphic designer and illustrator who has been passionate about digital art since high school.

Sana (round).png

Sana Ashraf

Under Secretary General Public Relations

Sana is a Literature and Translation graduate whose MUN journey started in her sophomore year of high school. Since then, she’s been to 8 MUNs – nationally and internationally – including Harvard’s World Model United Nations in Rome (where she was in the presence of the then-Italian Prime Minister and the Pope!), and NUST’S MUN in Islamabad (where she met and spoke with UN diplomats in Pakistan). She has worked with UNICEF as a Peer Health Educator and has also worn the coat of an undergrad research assistant in linguistics, and published more than 20 articles in Abu Dhabi's magazines (Abu Dhabi World and TEMPO). Currently, she works as a bilingual creative copywriter. She loves writing, –and evidently– literature, poetry, laughing, good talks on philosophy, art and apple pie. Wubalabadubdub!

Elisaveta Loulelis

Under Secretary General International Relations

After a first year at Paris-Sorbonne, Elisaveta is continuing literature studies this year in Sorbonne Abu Dhabi as an exchange student. This bookworm is also a theatre passionated who have fed her thirst for knowledge through  7 MUN conferences as delegate, ICJ Chair or SG Internal in France and abroad, in Istanbul and the UN headquartes in Geneva. For this 2nd PSUAD MUN, she is the USG of External reach and gives a helping hand to the creation of the French Committe. 
 As a fervent believer in languages as the keystone of the dialogue between Nations, Elisaveta is realy interested in cultural engineering. Besides French, Russian, English, Spanish and Latin, she keeps climbing the Babel Tower by choosing to learn arabic this year.

She hopes to meet plenty of you and be able to help wherever she can !

Mohammed 1 (round).png

Mohamed Bahermez

Under Chief of Staff  Logisitics

Mohamed is a French Intesive Course student at Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Hailing from the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed has integrated himself into a multicultural environment throughout his life in order to understand the values and indigenous knowledge systems, thus, creating a mind with balance and direction. This crave for knowledge regarding the systems which are the make up of where and why civilization is present today finds Mohamed intrigued him into going to History after completing his French year. Through his time in high school, Mohamed has found difficulties in managing to locate a social circle where he can partake until finding Model United Nations which broke his fear of the public and indulged him into a world of new ideas, and making long-lasting relationships with equally passionate MUN members that are found globally. His kickstarting career in filmmaking and screenwriting challenged him to become more than capable to handle overwhelming tasks such as seeing the eased completion and developing of projects that led to his role in PSUADMUN as Under Chief of  Staff Logistics.

Yara 1 (round).png

Yara el Sabbagh

Under Chief of Staff Events

Yara is a first year law student at Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. This is her second year in the UAE; she has lived in kuwait all her life. Yara loves the UAE because of the very diverse driven culture heading towards positive change and inspiring surrounding gulf, middle eastern and northern African countries. From her last year’s experience as being a delegate in the SPECPOL committee in PSUADMUN, she has seen how driven and competitive the students ought to be, and how much time and effort was put in. So for that, she wanted to give back and participate in the organisation to better the experience of which the students do merit. Yara is interested in environmental politics, religion studies, volleyball, theatre and is a professional conversationalist

Sara (round).png

Sara jammoul

Under Chief of Staff Operations

Sara is a  Canadian second year economics and management student at Paris Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi. Born in Ezze Lebanon, Sara lived in the Gulf for most of her life. She was introduced to MUN during PSUAD's very first conference and was inspired by the multicultural diplomatic environment of MUN.
She became part of the secretariat to introduce students to the world of politics and to give Celeste a good scare from time to time. Sara hopes that delegates will acknowledge throughout the experience the importance of diplomacy and develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.