Lena Khalifa.jpeg

Lena Khalifa - Head Chair

Lena Khalifa is a junior majoring in International Relations with a concentration in International Economics. She has taken part in conferences both within the region and Internationally. These conferences include some modeled after the United Nations and United States Congress. Lena is a founding member of AUS Model Congress and is currently it’s President. She hopes that students in her committee will be able to engage in differing ideas and find potential solutions to issues to crucial issues as of in the present times. She hopes that all of you are excited as she is for the conference.

Mohammed Faris.jpg

Mohamed Faris - Chair

Faris is currently a recent graduate from The Indian high school, Dubai. He has completed 13 MUNs and has been part of committees from the International press corps to the Security Council, as a delegate, chair and secretariat member, and each experience has taught him something new and exciting. His interests are topics and committees that deal with issues regarding territorial disputes and refugee crisis, as they address controversial political agendas of countries, and not to mention the heated debates that boost his adrenaline. He does hope that you have a great time in committee where you can learn and have fun. He can't wait to see you all on the 11th!


John El Khoury - Co-Chair

John Elkhoury is a Senior at Al Mawakeb School – Al Barsha, he has been in MUN for 4 years, and has always improved during his years in it, MUN isn’t just a competition, it’s a way of socializing and communicating with others in a way that improves one’s abilities in talking and speaking in public. John is really excited to chair, for he loves to meet new people, he also hopes to see some fine debates in his committee, and to see people showing professionalism and maturity during the entire conference.


Mohammed Attallah.jpg

Mohamed Atallah - Head Chair

Mohammad Atallah is a Senior Computer Engineering student at the American University of Sharjah. He has a significant experience in MUN conferences, amongst which he has participated as a Delegate, Chair, Secretariat, and a Board Member as the Director of Human Resources of AUSMUN 2019. His passion for MUN stems from his strong belief in self-development and the importance of diplomacy and professional communication for resolving conflicts and having a constructive dialog with people of opposing views. He believes that mastering such skills would open up limitless opportunities for students in their social and professional lives. He encourages all delegates to make the most out of their experience by conducting a sufficient amount of research and networking with all their fellow delegates and chairs

Yousef Abou Taleb.jpg

Youssef Abou Taleb - Chair

Youssef is a senior Accounting student at the American University in Dubai. Youssef's infatuation with MUN started with him volunteering at AUDMUN 2.0 in 2016. He later became the Director of Logistics for AUDMUN and then their Secretary General, and is now their Deputy Secretary General. He believes that MUN is a great means for shining light on important happenings in the world and bringing attention to matters that may otherwise be neglected. Youssef's interests include politics, law, diplomacy, and he is an avid advocate of chicken nuggets.


Talal Abdel Hamid - Co-Chair

Talal Abdel-Hamid studies Economics with a minor in International Relations at the American University of Sharjah. Due to his substantial interest in world history and political science, Talal has participated and helped organize multiple Model UN’s across the UAE as well as attended workshops focusing on Politics, Economics, and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Dubai in 2017. Talal currently coaches students in schools and universities alike, introducing Model UN to plenty of beginner delegates in Dubai and Sharjah.



Jana Askar - Head Chair

Jana is a 20 year old entrepreneurship student with a passion for MUN. For Jana, MUN is a hobby and something she likes to do in her free time. Her first conference as delegate was in 2015 and she has been in 10 conferences in total. She enjoys all aspects of being a chair or delegate in conferences, and loves to connect with delegates. Jana is a very fun and cool chair who loves creating funny memories with delegates and fellow chairs.


Fatima Almheiri - Chair

Fatima Almheiri is in her third year as an international studies major and a psychology minor in the American University of Sharjah. She’s been fond of MUN since high school, and is glad to get to experience this one with you all!

Abd Badr.jpg

Abdullah Badr - Co-Chair

Abdullah Badr joined a debate club for the first time in my freshman year of university and it's been my guilty pleasure ever since. Half the reason I do MUNs is the excuse to wear suits and act like Frank Underwood. That and the faint hope that I'll be a politician in 30 years.



Abdul Rahman Nader.jpeg

Abdelrahman Nasser Hamdan - Head Chair

Abdelrahman Hamdan is a Junior at the American University of Sharjah, majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Artificial Intelligence. From his time in school, he has always been interested in Model Conferences such as Model United Nations and Model Congress. Although he has various chair and delegate experiences of MUN, he is very excited and honored to be chairing Sorbonne MUN for the first time. Finally, AbdelRahman is excited to meet each and every one of you, and wishes you a productive and enjoyable conference!

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Mohammed Gehad Esbaitah - Chair

Mohamed is currently a Senior in Mawakeb Al Barsha hoping to study medicine in the upcoming years and has been immersed in MUN for around 3 years now. He is fond of competitive sports such as Kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu whilst enjoying MUN as an experience, and not a competition. MUN is a way people get to express their points of view through a filter of politics, and he believes that it is a chance where people get to meet new friends and enjoy their time. He looks forward to meeting new delegates and trying to make the conference as productive as possible.

Marina Makarian.PNG

Marina Makarian - Co-Chair

Marina Markarian is currently a senior in high school and is passionate about MUN and politics. She enjoys debating different topics and is always eager to learn new things. MUN has always been a constant source of positivity in her life for it always leaves her with the best memories. On a more personal view, Marina has a special devotion to reading and writing. She also aims to major in International Relations and aspires to be an impact in society someday. Marina also enjoys learning new languages and currently knows 4 languages fluently with the intent of learning two more. She can’t wait to watch the debate unfold and meet the many new people during the coming conference. Best of luck to everyone.

UN Women

Najwa hubaishy.jpeg

Najwa Hubaishy - Head Chair

Najwa Hubaishy is a sophomore International Studied studying in AUS. Hubaishy’s love for politics and debate is the reason why she participated in 10+ conferences through high school and university. Najwa is extremely excited for the upcoming PSUADMUN conference and is looking forward for the fruitful debates revolving around women rights.


Yasmine Naccache - Chair

Yasmine is a second year Digital Production student at the American University in Dubai. Her passion for global affairs is what first drove her to participate in MUN back in high school. She was fortunate enough to have participated in multiple MUN conferences around the UAE and recently participated in CONMUN 19 in Montreal, Canada. Currently, she is the Secretary General of AUDMUN. She is very excited to be co-chairing this committee, and is looking forward to the fruitful debate and effective resolutions that are to result of it.

Jalal Kassab UN Women.jpg

Jalal Kassab - Co-Chair

Jalal’s a senior at Al Mawakeb School Barsha. Over the course of his three years in the school's MUN club he' has been to multiple conferences and has enjoyed them all . This will be his second time moderating a UN women committee and he’s really look forward to what this conference has to offer



Shivikha Shivananda - Head Chair

Shivikha Shivananda is currently is junior at the Indian High School Dubai. She started MUN in grade 8 and soon dedicated most of her high-school to it. Through MUN and debate, she hope to one day become a renowned human rights lawyer. In committee, she expects thriving debate and comprehensive resolutions which is will not only be a learning experience for the delegates but her as well.

lotfi (1).jpeg

Lotfi Machou - Chair

Lotfi is an Algerian national who was born and raised in the city of life, Dubai. Lotfi is currently a senior at the Al Mawakeb school in Al Garhoud. His first experience in MUN came pretty early, as he participated and won an award at the Junior MUN held at his school when he was just 13. Ever since then, he has been an avid follower of all the conferences that happen around the globe. Lotfi is currently head of MUN club at his school and he also helped organize AMSIMUN’17 and ‘18 and he is at the moment preparing to lead AMSIMUN’19 to success. He participated in MUN as a delegate several times, yet this is only his 2nd time chairing in such a promising conference. The Algerian national believes that MUN is a very powerful event that can create passionate and goal-driven individuals who are able to realize the controversial reality we live in. Lotfi looks to enter the domain of law and international relations hoping to become an ambassador that advocates change in a world where everyone’s voice should be heard.

Faris Al Wakeel.jpeg

Faris Alwakeel - Co-Chair

Faris started mun in grade 8, 5 years ago. Faris was an anti social embarrassment with no social skills whatsoever. His first conference was a disaster with an infamous line from that conference I said "Dubai is a country". Gradually he went from being the anti social kid to someone who needs to socialize to survive. He is proud to say that mun shaped me into who he is, the confident person that's never afraid of anything anymore. So if he can overcome his fears and act confidently you can too.


Azmi Chahal.JPG

Azmi Chehal - Head Chair

Welcome to SUADMUN! Azmi Chahal is a sophomore in the American University of Sharjah, majoring in Electrical Engineering. His interests vary from general sports to video games, but MUN is one of my most serious and humbling hobbies. MUN has given him a lot of social and public experience, as well as helped him improve as a speaker. Every conference he has ever attended has been a very fruitful adventure. With SUADMUN approaching, he hopes to fulfill this conference’s hopes and goals, and wish you have a successful weekend.


Sharath Nambiar - Chair

Having just graduated from high school, Sharath is aspiring to later work in the Law and International Relations sector. He has an avid passion for MUN and leans towards agendas relating to military strategy and humanitarian intervention. He has multiple chairing and delegate experiences in committees ranging from CCPPCJ, to IAEA, to the Supreme Council of Sovereign States (1939). His other interests include reading historical adventurous fiction and giving unlicensed therapy.

Samuel Tharakan.jpg

Samuel Tharakan - Co-Chair

A senior in the Indian High School, Samuel finds MUN to be a creative outlet for himself, with a particular inclination to committees emphasizing on crises, military strategy and political underhandedness. He has a long record of MUN experiences both as a delegate and a chair, with his most memorable being overthrowing Kim Jong-Un as the Supreme Leader of DPRK. He hopes to have a great experience with his fellow chairs and delegates at SPECPOL this year!


Fadi Chahin.JPG

Fadi Chahine - Head Chair

Fadi is a Lebanese senior currently attending Al Mawakeb school in Al Barsha. He joined the club 4 years ago and hasn't slowed down since. Starting with DCMUN, Fadi continued participating in conferences both locally and in his home country Lebanon. With 13 conferences under his belt, he is currently the head of MUN at his school, working with his colleagues to further the school club and organize school conferences such as AMSIMUN'17 and '18 and hopefully a successful 2019 conference. Fadi believes that MUN is a powerful tool that prepares people for the world in more than one way. He believes that the experience a delegate gains from a conference equips him for both daily life and for the challenges of the world. Fadi hopes to enter into the domain of computer engineering, utilizing the knowledge he has gained of the issues the world faces to create necessary solutions.

Mohammed Ibrahim.jpeg

Mohamed Ibrahim Ansari - Chair

Ibrahim Ansari is a senior at Khalifa University. MUN is something that he has always been passionate about, taking the opportunity to learn, teach and communicate ideas with different people of different intellectual backgrounds. Hopefully as a chair this year, he will help facilitate a fruitful debate and hopefully make this experience a wonderful one for all in our committee.

O K 2.jpeg

Omar Khalifa - Co-Chair

Omar Khalifa is studying Chemical Engineering in Khalifa University. MUN events have always been benchmarks in his calendar. 3-day event makes his year! Delegating a country, discussing hot topics and drafting resolutions are very exciting experiences. As chairs of the Environmental Assembly, we will guide you through the conference and try to be as helpful as possible to make this an unforgettable experience, in a good way!


Tala Al Otaibi.png

Tala Al Otaibi - Head Chair

Tala is a sophomore studying International Relations at the American University of Sharjah. Her MUN journey began during her junior year of high school. She has participated in 10 conferences since then, with PSUADMUN 2019 marking her 11th conference and her 7th chairing experience. Tala believes that MUN is a great way of bringing people together. She also believes that it is a strong measure in order to help develop debating and research skills. Besides MUN and politics, Tala enjoys reading, writing and binge-watching series. She is looking forward to meeting and working with you all in April!


Rizana Mariyam - Chair

Rizana Mariyam is a junior International Studies student with a minor in psychology from the American University of Sharjah. As a student, she has been involved in numerous model UNs and taken up different positions such as delegate, chair and page. She strongly believes that MUN has the ability to change participants’ perspective on international organizations and their effectiveness in global issues. She is really excited to work along SUADMUN and is looking forward to a great conference.


Ananya Khurana - Co-Chair

Ananya, Indian by birth has been brought up in different countries including Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. Growing up in varied environments has exposed her to different cultures and socio-economic aspects of two very dissimilar countries. She is currently a Junior at the Indian High School and has a keen interest in maths. Ananya has always been passionate about international relations and diplomacy, and thus, has pursued MUNs for the past few years. She has accumulated a vast amount of experience in varied committees ranging from DISEC to UNHCR and IAEA. She has witnessed first hand, the passion and zeal with which delegates debate with each other. Understanding the key role that a chair plays in shaping the MUN experience, Ananya vows to make this MUN exciting and educative at the same time. She expects thriving debate in committee and will strive to make this a memorable conference for every individual.